HAuNTcon Badge for the Annual Haunted Convention

Where is HAuNTcon

HAuNTcon 2016 is at the Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center, 2101 Richard Arrington Junior Boulevard North, Birmingham, AL 3520. Go to the HAuNTcon 2016 hotel discount page to reserve your room. If you are flying into Birmingham, take advantage of the FREE Airport Shuttle Service to and from the Sheraton Hotel.

Over 50 hours of Haunt Education

Creative Sessions, Business Seminars, Hands-on Workshops, Make Up and Product Demonstrations all designed to provide information and teach you techniques to do what you do better, faster and easier this next haunt season. Learn new money saving techniques and time saving tips and tricks. January 29th- 31st with all day in-depth workshops on February 1st
“Awesome Haunt Tours, an excellent Education Series combined with some of the best haunter social events and a great trade show! HAuNTcon never disappoints!” Dan Hower

Fright Farm Haunted House

    “This convention is a good place to learn new things, tips and skills while also meeting up with fellow haunters sharing ideas and great suggestions to better your business!!” Julie Edwards

Creepy Hollow Haunted House

“The best investment you can make in your Halloween event!”  Leonard Pickel

Event Coordinator, Hauntrepreneurs


Get your hands on the latest and greatest in, Props, Set Design, Costumes, Makeup Supplies, Animatronics, Special Effects, Masks, Marketing & Promotions, and more on the Haunted Tradeshow floor! January 29th-31st. Haunted Farms of America is proudly sponsoring the show! Other awesome sponsors include: Hauntpay, Froggy’s Fog, The Garage of Evil, Sinister VisionsTicketLeap, New Republic, Halloween Forum, Design By Aly, and Big Zombie Tour.

” Seriously… why would you not go? The education you receive while connecting with your peers from all over the world is worth the cost. You get ideas and tips available ONLY among other haunters. A++” Dana Martin

Talladega Frights Haunted House

The Haunted Attraction National Tradeshow and Conference (HAuNTcon) is an expo and conference “Designed by Haunters, for Haunters” of every age and level of experience. HAuNTcon 2016 brings together people who love Haunted Houses, Halloween and scaring people, for a fun-filled four days and nights of Haunted Attraction Tours, Haunter Education, Halloween Tradeshow, Haunted Garage Sale, FX Makeup and Prop Building Demonstrations, rounded out by a Networking opportunities like the amazing annual Costume Ball. Learn from seasoned veterans and get your hands on the newest products & effects BEFORE your competition does, at HAuNTcon 2016.
Make Your Next Haunt Season A Game Changer! Just imagine, getting the newest scare concepts, best makeup effects, bullet proof business and promotion strategies before your competition does… The peace of mind knowing that everything you buy, learn, and apply during this convention is guaranteed to help your attraction grow and stand the test of time. No more “small thinking” and “little ideas.” Everything you get your hands on will be BIG, tested and proven tactics to make your event a landmark on everyone’s local Halloween road map. HAuNTcon will help you fill in the holes of your haunt season blueprint and give you unrestricted access to haunt vendors and experts that will make this next Halloween season a game changer for you and your haunt venture. No more scavenging through the internet looking for “tutorials,” “how-to” articles and videos hoping to find something you can use this year in your haunt. HAuNTcon will give you everything you have been looking for in one weekend. Go to Hauntcon.com for more details or CLICK HERE for tickets to HAuNTcon 2016. Use Discount Code: October31 and SAVE! Contact event coordinator Leonard Pickel at 972-951-5100 or hauntcon@gmail.com


January 27th & 28th Explore a cave and an antebellum plantation house, see film locations for The Walking Dead, and get backstage, lights on tours of 15 haunted attractions during this inspirational 2 day road trip while networking with other haunters in tour bus comfort.


January 28th A full actor October style tour of the Insanitarium haunted attraction.


January 29th If you are like most of us in the haunted attraction industry, you may be in a great costume on Halloween night, but you are working rather than enjoying the holiday. Enter the HAuNTcon Costume Ball, an off season once a year opportunity to get your Halloween fix at a rocking party. Join Haunt owners actors, makeup artists and Halloween fanatics from around the world for a ghoulishly fun night of networking and haunting fun. It is THE haunt networking event of the year.


January 30th A full actor October style tour of the two element Warehouse 31 Haunted Event.


January 31st Looking for a unique haunt item? Find what you have been looking for at great prices at the HAuNTer’s Garage Sale! You never know what you’ll find at rock bottom prices.


January 31st A full actor October style tour of Nightmare 3008

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