How do you know if you have an effective Haunted Farm domain name? Whether you are deciding on a URL for the first time, re-branding your current business, or giving your Online presence a face-lift, it is important to take your time and make good decisions. Making informed choices now can save lots of headaches later. Choosing a URL for your website might seem like an easy task, but there is a lot that you should consider when sorting through the pile of ideas.


It seems that people’s memories are getting worse and worse as times goes on…don’t give people a long website address to process. Long URLs are harder to remember.You do want potential customers to remember your web address, don’t you? Long URLs also take up a lot of space on all of your advertising and marketing material. And Remember…Don’t waste any of that precious space!


Don’t try to get too fancy with your Haunted Farm domain name. It should be short and to the point. It should be simple enough that people can remember it and know who you are, or what you are selling. It is much better to call your site instead of a much longer URL that is difficult to read and remember. If you can’t READ it without having to dissect it, neither can your customer.


Say your domain name out loud. How does it sound? Does it roll off the tongue or is it choppy? This is how it will sound when a customer shares it with friends during conversation…or on your radio advertisements. Have a friend say it out loud while you listen. You might hear it differently when your mind isn’t focusing on speaking the words. Repeat multiple times until you narrow it down to one or two.


The easier your website address is to remember, the more it will stick with potential customers when they see it, hear it, or read it. The shorter and simpler it is, the easier it will be to commit it to memory. Alliteration can help with this also. When 2 or more words are used together that begin with the same consonant sound, it is more memorable. Actors, authors, musicians, and movie makers use this…because it works!


Stay away from dots, underscores or dashes. These things make it hard for people to remember your website address. They also break up the otherwise smooth sounding name that you have chosen. If the name that you originally wanted is taken…brainstorm and come up with another solution that is equally as strong. Don’t compromise on this one…the effects can be disastrous for your Haunted Farm domain…especially when trying to drive traffic to your site.


After a good sleep…and your morning routine, rethink the URL that you settled on the day prior. Go through the tips above and see if the URL you chose stands up to the challenges. Say it again…hear it again…imagine it in print on your billboard or posters…can you see it? How does it sound? Do you still love it? Either push forward or repeat the process until you are happy.

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