Model Release Form

You can use this Model Release Form to help protect you and your Haunted Farm from being targeted by a disgruntled model or past employee. You have spent a lot of your time and money to produce great photos for your Haunted Farm. When you have this Model Release Form signed by the model, they can never come back and claim that you didn’t have their permission to use them in your marketing material or on your website. If the model is underage, be sure to have their parent or legal guardian sign for them. Avoid problems before they arise.

Be sure to also check out the Haunted Photoshoot Checklist and the Photographer Release Form. You can find the links on this page. And don’t miss our 10 Tips for Having a Successful Haunted Photoshoot!

Our Model Release Form will help protect you from rogue or vengeful models.

Other Haunted Photoshoot Resources

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