Working With Sponsors.

Winter is a great time to get started targeting new sponsors for your Haunted Farm or daytime Agritainment. The hustle and bustle of the fall harvest and holiday seasons are behind you, and you have a renewed energy heading into a fresh year.

We will state this right up front: drumming up sponsors is NOT an easy task. The process can be daunting and overwhelming. Our friends over at Agritourism Ideas put together a very helpful article that breaks the process down into 14 manageable steps. Their analysis is sure to help first timers and seasoned vets alike.


We especially love their recommendation for bartering while you are a small or young venue. The value of this approach is twofold: 1) it decreases costs at a time when you need it the most, and 2) it’s great for forming relationships with other local business. We can’t overstate the importance of networking…especially in your local community!

If you have current sponsors, make sure that you give them an end of season wrap up. It is important to show them how much value their Brand received by sponsoring your venue. Try to provide them with as much information as possible. The more value they see, continuing the sponsor relationship will be a no-brainer.

We’d love to hear about your challenges and successes with Sponsorship! Contact us anytime by phone, social, or email. We will help Member Farms every step of the way!

– Haunted Farms of America

Read Agritourism Idea’s Article: 14 Steps to Securing Sponsorships for Your Agritourism Venue Here >

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