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With custom pay options and quality farm ready products, this month’s choice for the Vendor Spotlight was a no brainer. VFX is famous for their can’t miss life sized Attack Line Puppets that are a definite queue line attention grabber. These Haunted Puppets are wearable for your best actors to interact and engage with your customers on the farm. Read more below including a special discount for Haunted Farm Members!

VFX's Haunted Puppet in action. A perfect addition to your Haunted Farm.
exclusive offer for Haunted Farms


VFX is offering Haunted Farm Members an exclusive deal on their amazing Haunted Puppets! To get $100 OFF use promo code hauntfarm100 for select puppets at checkout when you order HERE. For more info, contact Patrick Voss at VFX. A great offer on an already amazing product. Great products and people makes VFX a Haunted Farm favorite!
*Not valid with any other coupon or offer. Not valid on sale items.


Winter can be a tough time for cash flow for Haunted Farms. VFX offers flexible financing through future pay which we LOVE. You can use this option for their Haunted Puppets, or ANY of the products in their online store. It’s easy and secure…definitely give these guys a call to find out more info on this.

Haunted Puppets Attack Line - Daytime and Nighttime Puppets from VFX - A great addition to your Haunted Farm
things to care about

Ready To Use!

• Haunted Puppet (some come with more than one head option like the scarecrow)

• 2x Black Hoodie with Harness & Fake Fist

• Puppet Master Sound System™
– Loaded with 4 Sounds (2 for Hank/2 for Cob Goblin)
– Slider to switch from Family Friendly to Creepy sounds (Scarecrow)
– Puppet Master Software
– USB Transfer Cable (to customize and change sounds)
– Charging cable

• Hanging Rack

• Puppet Care Guide


Farm Fun!

We’ve combined two of our best farm Scarecrow puppets to create a multi-use puppet!  Perfect for pumpkin farms, hay ride attractions, corn mazes, haunt attractions and theme parks.

During the day, when families are attending your event or attraction use the Family Friendly Hank scarecrow head and audio. Then, when the sun goes down, easily change Hank’s head for the Creepy Cob Goblin Haunted Puppet and his audio clips to creep out your corn maze guests.

These puppet heads have specially designed snap-on necks with a 4-snap system built into the body. They include strapping loops for quick release.

(see dual head visual above and in video)

With any of the vendors we spotlight, reach out to us to talk more! You can also contact them directly for more information.

VFX is available by phone at 314-827-6539

OR Through mail at: P.O. Box 4043, Fairview Heights, IL. 62208 USA



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